Use a Referral program to get 1 million users on the waitlist to try your app even before launch.

The founding story

Before staring Robinhood, the founders were running an enterprise startup that used to sell trading software to hedge funds. During this time, they realized that the big Wallstreet firms pay nothing to trade stocks, while most Americans were charged hefty commissions for every trade.

Mailbox Pre-launch waitlist campaign

Keeping it Super Simple

Robinhood founders chose to create a simple website that had a description in very simple language saying “Robinhood $0 commission stock trading Stop paying up to $10 every trade”, an email input box, and a CTA button — “Get Early Access”

Robinhood’s referral solution to a unique challenge with waitlists

In Mailbox’s case, most people got tired of seeing so many people ahead of them in the waitlist week after week.

Gamifying wait list using a referral program

Launch before launch

It was a Friday night, Robinhood team had been working on the waitlist in preparation for their press launch, which was on the following Wednesday or Thursday.



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