How to use Quiz to Engage App Users

How to Use Quiz to increase Mobile App Engagement?

Keep Them Light And Fun

Use Visuals

Be Regular

  • “Daily Quiz from 8–8:15 pm for 5 days” every month
  • “Daily Quiz from 7–9 pm for 5 days” every month
  • “Daily Quiz from 8–8:30 pm for 5 days” twice a month
  • Latest one — “Quiz every Monday from 6–9 pm” for the next 2 months.

Offer Rewards

Encourage Sharing on Social Media

Incorporate Trends and Current Themes

Benefits of Using Quiz on Mobile App

  • Quiz engage your users. If your quizzes are fun and exciting, then your users will stay for the whole quiz, and the duration they use the app will be at least the duration it takes to finish the quiz.
  • Users can share the quiz results online. It will attract more users to your app and increase daily active users.
  • You can use quizzes to add value to your customers. They will appreciate the effort taken to educate them and become loyal clients.
  • Offering discounts to quiz winners will ensure that they are encouraged to purchase to redeem the discount. If you put a reasonable time limit to use the discount, then there is a high probability that the customer will make a purchase. It drives up your revenue.
  • When you add a quiz to your app, you can see up to 30% increase in the number of monthly active users, provided you have a solid communication plan.



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