Going Viral with a Referral Program: Role of Micro-influencers, Payout Challenges, Monetization(Part 3)

Viral Growth using a referral program

Micro-influencers as an acquisition strategy

I had no idea about micro-influencers and their network until May 2018. While interviewing for the position of marketing manager — I learned how he has helped few popular mobile app companies to reach out to Indian YouTubers (with 10,000 to 1 lac subscribers) and get them to review the apps on their channel.

Screenshot of an Influencer’s Youtube & Telegram channel

Building Acquisition and Monetization channels simultaneously

While the other members of the team were busy in their respective work, we — Vikash, Sunny (my co-founder) & I were planning on how to speed up the acquisition.

AppBrowzer Scratch Cards based Referral Program & Rewards system
AppBrowzer Scratch Cards based Referral Program & Rewards system
Mail to Vikash for reward payouts
Mail to Vikash for reward payouts

Unexpected Revenue to the rescue

We decided to increase the minimum redeem amount from the current ₹100 to ₹200. Also, limited it to one payout per account per week. The payout decreased to less than ₹23,000.

Transforming into a Browser for both — Apps & Web

If you look at the bottom right in the screenshot below, you will find an icon that shows — Browser (beta).

A deal with a Smartphone company

Two weeks later, after we had crossed the 1 million mark on Playstore, we started reaching out to smartphone companies again, and this time one of them agreed for a meeting in Delhi.

Perfecting Referral & Rewards System

During this time, we were also perfecting our new Referral & Rewards system. There was less visibility for the product/growth team on the performance of the campaigns and they had to depend on the backend guys or me for the data.

A new business is born

Towards the end of 2019, we started exploring the possibility of extracting our Referral & Rewards system as an independent SaaS product for other mobile app companies.

FLYY Dashboard for Acquisition module



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